As we approach the end of 2023, we’re not only reflecting on what has been a really positive year for us at Roofspec SW but we’re also looking forward to having some well-earned time off for Christmas. However, we’d like you spare a thought for one bloke that doesn’t get much time off in December … Santa Claus. 

OK, so maybe he only works for one month a year (or one day depending on how you look at it) but this is someone that we at Roofspec SW worry about, especially with the state of some of the chimneys we see in Plymouth throughout the course of the year.

At Roofspec SW, one of the services we offer is our drone survey service. It enables us to have a really good look at the state of a client’s roof without having to step one foot on a ladder or scaffolding. Our drone inspects the roof properly and we can report back to the client effectively and efficiently. However, while we’re up there, we always take a look at the condition of any chimney at the same time. 

Chimneys may not be as functional as they once were with less people having open fires these day, but they still remain an important and integral part of any roof structure. Having a chimney in bad condition will allow water to get in just as much as a leaking roof and it will undoubtedly cause further expensive damage within the property if unresolved. In addition to that, a chimney with damaged brickwork creates a serious hazard to anyone passing below.

People don’t often consider chimneys, mainly because they’re ‘out of site and out on mind’ but also because they’re not used as they used to be, but they still pose a potential problem. That brickwork there is just as important as any other section of brickwork in the property and is has to be maintained to avoid serious potential problems.

The best way to check out the condition of your chimney and the rest of the roof is by calling us at Roofspec SW. We’ll book you an appointment with our fully trained expert who will come round and send the drone up to have a proper look. Not only will you get a full written report but you’ll be able to see any chimney damage with your own eyes via the camera and recorded footage.

So, if you are in any way worried about the state of your chimney (especially when you consider who may be using it in December), then get in contact with us via this website or give us a call on 01752 914217. 

Lastly, we hope you all have a great Christmas. Put your feet up, get some rest and spend some valuable time with friends and family and remember, as we say at Roofspec SW … ‘the proof is in the roof’.

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