A leaking roof doesn’t automatically mean that you’ve got to spend thousands of pounds on new roof trusses, battens and brand-new slates. A professional repair is often the most cost-effective route to go down, but only if you can properly identify the problem in the first place. To do that you need a drone inspection service, the likes of which we now offer at Roofspec SW. 

The old way was for a roofing expert to get up a ladder and have a look but the problem with that is that it takes time and man hours and that costs money. The other big issue is that ‘one single quick look’ is never really enough. 

At Roofspec SW our fully insured and licensed drone is flown up above the problem area and it films everything it needs to before returning safely. What you then have is footage of the roof than can zoomed in on, assessed as part of the wider roof and discussed properly among a team of roofing experts and most importantly the client themselves.

The ability to look at the roof properly in this way is vital and it’s why drone inspections are the best way forward. They’re an efficient, cost-effective way of working out what’s going on and they can be done in a timely fashion, which, let’s be honest, is handy when it’s the middle of winter and your roof is leaking water badly. 

As the name suggests, Roofspec SW covers the whole of the South-West region and our experienced drone operator is also a roofing expert. He’s professional, reliable and knowledgeable and there probably isn’t a domestic or commercial roofing issue that he hasn’t already seen, identified or repaired. And when it comes to identifying problem roofs, that’s a job that needs to be done quickly as well as properly, mainly because of the damage that can be done if it’s left.

The pricing of our drone inspection service varies dependent on the size of the roof which dictates the amount time required to complete the job. But whatever way you look at it, it’s cheaper and more effective than the alternative. Once finished, a full report can be issued which includes the all-important video footage, which in many cases is essential for discussions and negotiations with insurance companies. 

So, if you’re based in Plymouth or the wider Devon and Cornwall area and you either have a roofing problem or want the reassurance of a roofing ‘check up’, then get in contact with us at Roofspec SW on 01752 914217 and remember, when we say that ‘the proof is in the roof’ that includes drone inspections too.

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