Hold on … this blog post isn’t about to spill the intricate details of how we price jobs up at Roofspec SW. We simply can’t do that. In fact, we’d be very surprised if any roofing firm in the area would be prepared to do something like that and here are the reasons why.

No two roofing jobs are the same, strangely even if they’re terrace roofs right next to each other. They may take different amounts of time, different materials, different skills and even different timeframes. But there are two very important thing to remember with any roofing work. One, it rarely costs as much as you think and two, it’s never worth leaving because when it comes to roofing work, it never ‘gets better’ on its own.

Let’s take the first point. Here at Roofspec SW we pride ourselves on the quality of work that we do and we quite rightly consider it to be some of the best roofing work in Plymouth and the wider South West. However, we also pride ourselves on our pricing. It’s never just about the cheapest price or the most expensive, but it is about the fairest price and that’s what we offer at Roofspec.

The thing to remember is that roofing jobs aren’t always what they seem to be. Customers often sit at home worrying about a roofing problem that they know they already have. They can see brown marks on the ceiling, gutters clearly leaking and even hear rainwater dripping away slowly while they’re lying in bed at night. 

All the signs are there. At some point, once they’ve built up enough courage, they set aside a few thousand pound and pick up the phone to us at Roofspec SW. That’s when we tell them that we can fix those missing few slates and that it won’t costs anything like they thought it might. The roof’s been fixed, the customer’s happy and we look like some sort of slating superheroes.

The most sensible thing to do is get us in to look at the job firsthand. As much as we never ‘over price’, equally we never ‘over scare’. We talk to customers openly and we’ll always be honest about the job in hand. If it’s an emergency job that needs seeing to immediately, then we’ll tell you that. But if it can wait a few months with no additional damage being created then equally we’ll tell you that as well.

So just remember roofing work isn’t always as expensive as you think it’s going to be, but it is always worth doing.

So, if you need any roofing work completed, please check out the rest of our website or give us a call on 01752 914217 and remember as we say at Roofspec SW… ‘the proof is in the roof’ and we stand by that.

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