Choosing a builder to handle an extension project is fairly simple. You draw up a shortlist, you to talk to a few people and in some instances, you can even go round and see what they’ve done before. 

But choosing the right roofing contractor can be a whole lot more complicated and the reason for that is because you can hardly get up on someone’s roof and check out the quality of work and even if you could, would you know what you’re looking for?

Here at Roofspec SW, it’s natural for us to think that we’re the right fit for any roofing job in Plymouth or the surrounding area, but to help you make a more informed decision here’s our top tips on what to look out for before finally deciding who to go with.

Let’s start with reputation. One of the best ways in which you can find out more about a roofing contractor is to talk to people that know. That might be people who’ve had recent work done or even other trade businesses. Builders you already know will often know a good roofing company and will usually be more than happy to make a recommendation. 

Here at Roofspec SW we’re proud of our reputation with existing trade businesses and having worked alongside plenty over the years we feel content that they would recommend us. Equally, we know that previous clients would speak highly of us simply because we’ve never let our customers down.

Next up we have budget. Whenever you work with a roofing contactor, talk to them up front about the budget. They’re best placed to tell customers what’s needed and what it will cost and once the budget is set, it’s important that everyone sticks to that. At Roofspec SW, we not only pride ourselves on getting our quoting right, but just as importantly we stick to those quotes which enables our clients to budget accurately and effectively.      

The third element is communication. If you consider that most roofing work is up on top of a building and out of the way, it’s important that there’s a level of communication and trust between contractor and customer. At Roofspec SW, we have a secret weapon in our drone service. This allows us to show customers first hand what’s needed, how we’re progressing and when the job is finished, all without having to set foot on a single scaffold board. This creates a reassurance about the work we do and a level of accountability that other roofers simply can’t offer.

Last up we have relationships. The questions to ask yourself are, how do you feel about this company, do you trust them and are they decent people. If you consider that taking off a complete roof and replacing is a major project and the implication of getting it wrong can be significant. This is why we go to great lengths to meet clients before we start any job, we talk to them, discuss budget and build a relationship … it’s the only sensible starting point for any roofing work.   

We cover Plymouth and the wider South-West region including Devon and Cornwall and our team has years of experience in dealing with roofing issues. In fact, there’s very little on a roof that can surprise us here at Roofspec SW. 

If you would like to talk to us about any roofing work in Plymouth and the wider South-West region, then please get in contact with us via this website or give us a call on 01752 914217 and remember, as we say at Roofspec SW… ‘the proof is in the roof’.

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