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Fascias & guttering

People often think that fascia boards and guttering systems are nice decorative touches but that’s far from reality. These two elements are an intrinsic way in which homes are protected properly from rainwater getting in and causing havoc.

Getting your guttering system working well is such an important part of preserving your building and it’s why you should never underestimate just how important they really are.

At Roofspec we have years of experience of working with fascia boards and guttering systems making sure they do exactly what they’re meant to do. We specialize in period guttering, galvanized set ups and even slightly more commonplace plastic systems. 

If you truly value your property as a home and not just a building, then take our advice and make sure that your fascia boards and guttering is in perfect working order and if you’re worried in any way, call us at Roofspec, we’re the genuine experts.


When it comes to it, our leadwork at Roofspec is regarded as some of the very best in the South West. 

Roofs can’t be made up of slates alone, they need sections that connect, control of running water and finishes in awkward, intricate areas. To do this, you need the malleability of lead and to make this work properly you need the craftsmanship of Roofspec. It’s amazing that lead has been used on roofs for hundreds of years but it still hasn’t been improved upon, that’s how good it is.

Leadwork requires craftsmanship of a whole new level and that’s what we deliver at Roofspec. It may often be out of sight on top of a building, but we believe that our leadwork is more like artwork, it’s that good.

Velux windows

80 years ago when a Danish window company came up with an opening mechanism to let daylight into a roof space, little did they know that would be changing the face of building design. That company was called Velux and they’ve ended up opening redundant roof spaces for millions of families across the world.

However, fitting a Velux isn’t something that should be done lightly. It’s certainly not a DIY project and even well-established builders often struggle. These highly engineered windows have to work in perfect harmony with the existing roof structure and to do that you need experienced roofers like us at Roofspec.

Opening up a previously unused roof space is par for the course these days as people look to extend, develop and improve their properties. What’s important is that when it comes to Velux windows or any other type of opening roof windows, then you talk to experts that genuinely understand … that’s us at Roofspec.

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The roof on your house is probably the most important way of protecting your property and getting that ‘wrong’ is simply not an option.


There are numerous reasons why roofs get damaged. We see all too often that any damage to your roof needs repairing quickly, because the implications of it being left can be so much more costly.

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