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Chimney repairs

Everyone knows that an open fire is at the heart of every home but what people don’t always see is the work that the chimney has to do every time the fire is lit. Sitting on top of the roof not only makes it vulnerable to the elements, but it also makes it difficult to fix when there’s a problem and that’s where Roofspec comes in.

Our experienced team of roofers have a complete understanding of the complexities of stacks, flashings and pots. What’s important is that every repair project to a chimney dovetails with the roof itself, they simply cannot work in isolation and it’s why roofing experts such as us, are invariably chimney experts at the very same time. 

If, like us, you believe that an open fire or a wood burning stove is a central part of a wonderfully warm, cozy home then you need to make sure that your chimney is in perfect working order and to do that you need to speak to us at Roofspec.

Emergency repairs

There are numerous reasons why roofs get damaged but trust us, here at Roofspec we see all too often that any damage to your roof needs repairing quickly, because the implications of it being left can be so much more costly.

Our team of experienced, expert roofers will properly assess any damage that you have and will recommend the correct course of action. We hear too many nightmare stories of rogue traders, persuading clients to have unnecessary work done on their roofs. 

At Roofspec we’re different. We never over-estimate, we never over promise and we never over sell. The reason we stand by that is because we have an unrivalled reputation for doing things in the right way and we would never jeopardize or undermine that reputation … it’s just too important for us.

Storm damage

We seem to be getting more and more storms these days and here in the South West we seem to be bearing the brunt of it. As a result, here at Roofspec, we’re receiving an ever-increasing number of call outs to roofs that have been damaged. 

Once the wind has died down, we’ll get to work repairing the storm damaged roofs and that includes everything from missing slates to major damage. Our advice to anyone with a storm damaged roof is ‘do not hang around’ as subsequent internal damage will undoubtedly be even more costly. 

If and when this happens to you, give us a call at Roofspec, get us in and get the job done properly.

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The roof on your house is probably the most important way of protecting your property and getting that ‘wrong’ is simply not an option.

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We don’t just stop with roofs and repairs. We cover fascias, guttering  and roof windows. In fact, we cover almost everything on a house that you would need a ladder for.

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