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Slate roofs

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Slate roofs

Here at Roofspec we specialise in slate roofs. They are in our opinion, still the very best way of protecting your property and just as importantly they finish off a building beautifully.

The only drawback with slate is that you need experienced roofers that know what they’re doing if you’re to get the best possible finish that you want for your house. Fortunately, that’s us at Roofspec.

Slate roofs can be intricate and difficult to get right but our team of unrivalled craftsmen consistently deliver on every roof we do. Our view is simple, why go to the trouble of creating a stunning house but not giving it the finished roof it deserves. 

It’s why we’re never far from the phrase … ‘the proof is in the roof’.

Tile roofs

In some instances, slate isn’t always the best option, especially when budgets are tight. With this in mind Roofspec offer a less expensive alternative in the form of concrete or clay roofing tiles. Regardless of the ‘price per tile’, Roofspec deliver a completely consistent service using their vast knowledge and roofing experience. 

In some instances, it’s not just about budget, sometimes it’s about matching a product in with whatever material already exists on the roof. This may be for a patched repair or a larger individual section and that often requires tiles rather than slates, depending on what’s already there.

With us, it doesn’t matter what material we use, it’s our job to make sure that every roof reaches the very high standard that we set ourselves at Roofspec and it’s why we’re regarded as one of the best roofing teams in the South West.

Felt roofs

Not all roofs that we work on at Roofspec are on top of houses, some are on garages, outbuildings, sheds or even industrial units and in those instances felt roofs are often the answer.

Felt may be a less expensive alternative for buildings that aren’t lived in, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a cheap job that needs replacing every year. The service we offer isn’t just about rolling out a piece of felt and nailing it down. It’s about using the best possible felt available, finishing the job with a bitumen treatment and getting that perfect finish, even if it is just to store a lawn mower and a few bikes.

If you are interested in having a good quality, felt roof on an outbuilding or shed then give us a call at Roofspec on 01752 914217

Fibreglass roofs

If you’re looking to extend or create a slightly more modern space, flat roofs often work best and in those instances fiberglass roofing systems are perfect for the job.

At Roofspec we understand roofs, not just pitched roofs or flat roofs, but all roofs. It’s why we’re able to handle slate work as well as fibreglass flat roofs. The devil is in the detail with fiberglass roofs and it’s why we’re happy to say that we’re specialists at that detail, making sure that ‘the run’ is perfect, the look and feel is modern and most importantly that it never leaks, even around roof lights.

So, if you are looking at a flat roof for that extension or new build, then the sensible first step is to contact us at Roofspec after all, ‘the proof is in the roof’ … all roofs, not just pitched ones.

Our Services


There are numerous reasons why roofs get damaged. We see all too often that any damage to your roof needs repairing quickly, because the implications of it being left can be so much more costly.

Other Services

We don’t just stop with roofs & repairs. We cover fascias, guttering work and roof windows. In fact, we pretty much cover everything on a house that you would need a ladder to get to.

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