Here at Roofspec SW, we care about your roof. We care about it enough to make sure that it’s looked after properly, after all a good, solid roof will always make sure that your property is well looked after. 

In fact, we care about your roof enough to give you some free top tips that will keep that roof in pristine condition, doing its job for years to come. Here’s the thing, a well-constructed roof will always do what’s it meant to do and it can last a lifetime, but only if it’s maintained. 

So, as we leave the winter months and bad weather behind us (hopefully) and push on into summer, these are our free top tips on how to keep those slates working well. The beauty of these are, they’re all relatively easy to do, so long as you’re comfortable nipping up a ladder every so often.

Tip number one: Look up, check it out

One of the easiest ways of looking after a roof is to do the one thing that people often forget. Look up and see. You don’t have to climb a ladder to see if you’re missing a slate (the evidence will often be in your garden somewhere). Equally, loose, missing or uneven guttering or dripping water are easy spots. These are all clear signs that a bit of maintenance is required. If you spot it, call us at Roofspec SW as it’s always much cheaper to fix the smaller job now, rather than letting them become bigger jobs next year.

Tip number two: Get your head in the guttering

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to look after your roof but it invariably requires a climb up the ladder. Leaves and debris must be removed as they can stop the roof from doing its job. Once you’re up there, put your hand in and get it cleared. It’s cheap, easy to do and if you don’t fancy climbing a ladder, you could always find someone with a drone camera to have a look.

Tip number three: Flashing is key

A good roof is all about the management of water. Stopping it getting in and directing it safely away from the property. Flashings play an important part in directing that water away but they can get damaged over time. Check that it’s doing its job by using a decent hose on the roof and having a good look around. Is the water running well and if it’s not, get us in to have look.

Tip number four: Look in the loft

It might sound odd but one of the best ways of checking out a roof is to look directly underneath it and to do that you need to pop your head up into the loft space. Once there, look around for dripping water, brown marks, day light though any missing slates or wet insulation or boarding. These are all signs that suggest that your next move is a call to us at Roofspec SW.

Tip number five: Make repairs now

Think about it. Roofing companies are always so busy with emergency work in autumn and winter months which means that summer months are often the best times to get in contact and get that essential work done. Here at Roofspec SW we know that those summer months are pretty much reserved for customers looking for complete new roofs and those looking at repair work ready for winter. Fortunately, the days are longer, drier and slightly warmer, which means that capacity to take on this work is always there. It’s easier to do it now rather than battling against the wind and rain.

These top tips are relatively easy to follow and if you don’t try them all, please do try at least a few of them and remember if you’re in any doubt when it comes to roofing work, then get in contact with us via this website or give us a call on 01752 914217.

Remember, as we say at Roofspec SW… ‘the proof is in the roof’ and we stand by that.

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