At Roofspec SW we get asked to look at roofs all the time and customers quite often seem to have a pre-conceived idea about what action is needed to fix the specific issue. 

A lot of the time we pop round to see a potential job where the customer has talked about replacing a whole roof. When we arrive, we have to explain that actually a simple repair is the best solution and that what they should be doing next is putting away their cheque book quickly.

One such incident happened recently when we visited a client in Plymouth. The initial phone call talked about replacing a whole roof. Keep the existing timbers, but with new batons, new membrane and definitely new slates. But what we’ve learned over the years is to calmly wait and see for ourselves. We are after all the experts in these situations.

When we turned up, we simply asked the customer if we could borrow their hosepipe and connect it up to their outside tap. Within twenty minutes we’d identified the leak and explained that the repair would be significantly cheaper than a whole new roof would be.

They were delighted with the outcome and we did of course carry out the repair work and that roof is now perfectly fine and ready for whatever winter will throw at it. But here’s the thing, how many roofing contracting in Plymouth and the wider Devon area would have approached it in that way? How many would have just agreed to do what the client asked for and stick on a complete new roof? Too many in our opinion.

At Roofspec SW we don’t mess around like that, in fact we believe that it’s partly our job to start changing the perception of certain trades. In simple terms we never overcharge on projects, we never over spec a job and we definitely never agree to work that frankly doesn’t need doing. 

That, right there, is how you develop trust and credibility and it’s something that we will never compromise on at Roofspec SW … it’s simply too valuable to us.  

So, going forward, can we suggest that if you do have a problem with your roof and trust us, you’ll know, then that’s the time to call us up and ask us to pop round. But please leave us diagnosis to us because we’ll tell you honestly whether you need a whole new roof or whether in fact you just need a repair.

If you’re in any doubt when it comes to roofing work, then get in contact with us via this website or give us a call on 01752 914217 and remember, as we say at Roofspec SW… ‘the proof is in the roof’.

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