When to repair a roof is a question that we get asked constantly. The reason it’s such a contentious issue is because there can be a huge difference in price based on when you actually tackle a roofing problem.

At Roofspec SW we always encourage customers to tackle any roofing problem as soon as they can because in simple terms, the longer you leave it the more expensive it becomes. 

Let’s take a fairly basic missing slate. It’s a relatively simple job for one of our Roofspec SW team to get up on the roof, replace the slate and let everyone get on with their lives again. The bill wouldn’t be too expensive, in fact the most expensive bit would probably be access equipment such as scaffolding, but on the whole, it’s a reasonably inexpensive job.

But what happens if you leave that missing slate. First of all, it leaks and water penetrating a property is always bad news for the homeowner. Many older properties don’t always have waterproof membranes underneath the slates and in those cases water simply leaks straight in, down the roof trusses and potentially in through the ceiling. Signs of that being a problem are usually brownish water marks on the ceiling or down the walls inside the property. 

If and when that happens, it still can be a relatively inexpensive job, because the slate can still be fixed and eventually the inside of the property will dry out, so long as the source of water has been stopped. All you’ll have to do it give the ceiling or walls a lick of paint once the slate’s been replaced and once the ceiling has dried out properly.

However, once a single slate is missing, it compromises the overall structure of the roof which means that you increase the chance of more slates falling off as wind gets underneath. Once this happens, things start to get more serious and the best possible solution is a very quick one.

The impact of water inside a roof can eventually result in wet ceilings that can fall at any time. It can also lead to sodden insulation, serious damp and of course the big one which is rotten roof trusses that can require significant roof repair in case they give way completely.

At Roofspec SW we know what we’re doing when it comes to roofing repairs, we’ve been doing it in Plymouth professionally for years. If you ask us the question ‘When is the best time to fix a roof?’ the easy answer is as quickly as you can. Remember it’s far better to spend a few hundred pound on roof repairs now, than it is to spend tens of thousands of pounds in five years time.   

So, if you need any roofing work completed, please check out the rest of our website or give us a call on 01752 914217 and remember as we say at Roofspec SW… ‘the proof is in the roof’ and we stand by that.

Warren and Ash

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